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Website Design Services welcomes new libraries.

Interested in switching to the LEANWI Website Service?

The LEANWI Website Team is accepting applications from Northern Waters Library Service member libraries for website hosting and website design.

Prepare for website design process:
  1. sReview your current website; identify major likes/dislikes, potential changes you would want to make.
  2. Review LEANWI Websites and select one or two you would choose as “models.” 
  3. Know and be prepared to contact or provide your contact information for your Domain Name Service (DNS) provider. The place where your domain name is registered.
  4. Be prepared to provide your permission to spin up a behind-the-scenes draft website.
  5. Collect the following:
      • All of your logo files. If you don’t currently have a logo or plan to make a change, this is a good time to begin designing one.
      • Pictures you’d like to see on the website.
      • Pictures of the outside/inside your building.
      • A list of pages you want (no particular order here) and the information you need included on them.
        • Home
        • About
        • Library board
        • Programs
        • Contact/hours
        • Online resources
        • History & genealogy
        • Other specialty pages (community resources, building projects, Friends of the Library, etc. Look at other websites for ideas)
      • The name and email contact of the staff member(s) who will be your website manager(s)

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