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Accessing your website – logging on for the first time

A step-by-step guide to logging into your library’s website administration dashboard for the first time.

Anchor Links

Learn how to use anchor links in Divi to direct readers specific areas/sections on a webpage.

Site Health Status

One of the first things you see when you log into your website’s dashboard is the WordPress “Site Health Status” widget. Sometimes the status is “good” with a green circle; often it is “Should be improved” with a yellow circle. Rarely, it will be a red circle.

Here is what you need to know, actions you should take, and things you can ignore relating to your site’s health status.

Setting a Future Action on a Post

Setting a future action with the PublishPress Future plugin is an easy way to automatically schedule changes to a published post or page in WordPress.

When creating or editing a post or page, you can use the plugin to change the status at a given date and time in the future.

Scheduling a Post

Want to work ahead and schedule a post to appear at a certain date? WordPress makes it possible!

Post Quick Edit and Bulk Actions Edit

“Quick Edit” and “Bulk Actions” on posts allow you to make changes to the status, categories, date/time a post was published, or set a future action on one or multiple posts without having to open each one to edit.

Training Calendar

In-person website training interest survey

Would you like to have an in-person website training/work day at a central location in your system?

How long?

Do you have a laptop you can bring or do you need a PC?


Erica Brewster
Technology and Public Services Support
Wisconsin Valley Library Service

Monthly Office Hours

2nd Tuesdays 10-11am
3rd Thursdays 2-3 PM

Additional online and in-person trainings announced via email.

If you are not receiving office hour or other website emails, please email ebrewster@wvls.org to be added to the distribution list.